This is what we are leaving

It has been like this the last 2 weeks

A bit of food at Detroit Airport

At the Hotel room after 26 hrs of travelltime, 1115 PM AZ Time

Bikes are getting ready and it is around 110 F, alot warmer then Norway

This is HOOOT

WE needed a break in the heat to cool down

Charly do you see the helmets?

A distant tunderstorm


Where do we go now

On our way to dinner at Outback in Flagstaff and the temperature is nice 75 F

Dinner, it tasted great

Grand Canyon

Marge and Larry talks with some riders from Pennesylvania

Larry was out of battery for his camera


1949 mod Hudson, lookt as it were brand new



Sun Bathing

Wather bathing

Breakfast on Route 66

Larry got a couple of pens that matches the color of the bikes

Route 66, we rode it from Williams to Kingman

Water break

Refill, the temperatur is around 98

We needed a break and some shade just before the Hoover dam

Hoover dam, tha wather level isn 100f below normal

Las Vegas from the hotell room, it's 106 F outside

Plaza by day

Plaza by night


Live entertainment

Early night

The hand of gold at the Golden Nugget

A dust storm in Utha

We needed to improve the cooling crate to be able to keep the wather cold

The TABERNACLE in Salt Lake City


One of  over 70 brides on saturday 21 of July 07 at the Tabernacle

An old Veteran Car

A closer look at it

The engine, an old 4 sylinder

We had to stop due to a small wildfire

Rafting in Hell Canyon


Sunset at Colfax WA

Sunset at Colfax WA

Sunset in Seattle WA

Mount Rainier

Hans and his daughter + me and Ragnhild

Ragnhild and Hans

The hill got to steep for Larry

And we had to go to a stop

Like this

Milo and his HD with 540000 miles on

Milo has ridden this bike sinse 1975

There is nothing like it

On our way to CRATER LAKE

Crater Lake

Crater Lake

The phantom ship at Crater Lake

Milo on his Rat Bike

Milo and his wife

A Chipmunc

Playing  ball

Elk roadside in California

I had a small dip of my toes in the sea at Bandon Oregon

The trail if Gigants

Drive thru tree

Larry is getting ready to drive thru the tree

Golden Gate

Golden Gate

Elephantsels at the west coast

An oilfield closen to Barstow CA

It is 104 F and it feels good with a bag of ice under the shirt

The reward of the day, a big ice creme