We had 120 bikes on the rally, a new record


Where is Pjokken?

The tent camp

BEST IN SHOW, A 2003 CANDY ORANGE.  You got the colour right Larry

It is a pretty bike

Leif are mounting some CROME on Håkons bike

Håkon is learning how to do it

More tables needed to the BBQ

Waiting for food

Poul and his hobby


In line for more food

Per the "Plummer" and Leif did a great job at the BBQ

Marinade dos the trick

Someone needed to hold my beer when I was taking photos

It is not baked potatoes Charly is handing out but he did a great job with the potato salad

Leif Jarl and Kristine talking with Ragnhild about our US trip

Charly where he likes to be, behind a mike

Bjørn, Charly and Helge is running the lottery

Light show

Poul and his computer again