At the marked in Tel Aviv

Mostly art and handcraft at the boots

Scooters all over


Some of them quite old

Police having a ID and luggage controll

The US embassy was just down the road from the hotel

The beach


A bit on the warm side


Reading the news

At night

Old Jaffa


We walked in to our neighbor form Norway

The oldest hotel in Israel, used to be an hotel a long time ago, now it is an art and antique center

A nice old lady car


Washing carpets on the sidewalk before selling them


If you need a charger of smoe kind you will find it here at the marked in Old Jaffa

What about a used helmet


This motorcycle was not for sale

A tourist from US that tried hard to get his paraglide in the air with no luck

Coffe time


Every day at 3pm this one passed over the hotell

A small fire in the neighbor house

The fire brigade arrives


One small scooter with sidecar

Israel air force on patrol,

Fish for dinner today

She found the right one



Mounted Police

There was people living in that Pickup

Parking a car the fast way, they did that all over town

An hour later and the car is still there




We had a hot tub in our room, in the main room not the bathroom