/mm STW build on a Remington 700 action

Gunnar with a Roe Deer he shoot with his 7 x 57 R combi


Gunnar with a new Roe Deer, this is a small one

Gunnar and Magnus

This is what left inside after a hit with the 7 x 57 R at 90 yards, it walked about 10 yards after this hit

A head shoot to finish it of

After 50 m the light whent out.


Deer number 3 so far with the combi

The 7 x 57 R does a lot of damage at short range

Svend is more than ready for a Deer

We are not freezing are we?





Svend got his first Roe Deer

Not a perfekt shoot, but it newer knew what hit it




Egg and Bacon


A bit of the hunting area

A nice small Roe deer buck. Rifle: Tikka T3 Super Varmint cal 243 win

Magnus with his first Roe deer buck, he used a Reminton .300 RUM


A proud hunter with a great rifle

A Buck Deer with a not to good hit with a 7mm STW


Gunnar is the key man when it comes to separating the deer from its feet

I have to use my GoldWing on the hunting trips sometimes

A small Roe deer

I used a Tikka M55 Super Sporter cal .308

A 12 point deer

It only walked 20 yards after the hit. I used a 200 grs Swift A-frame in 3006. Only 85 kg


Svend with his second Roe deer