The PULPIT ROCK in Norway


Larry in my garage


Charly's Trike


Kjell is sharing his food with us. The ferry were 3 hrs delayed


First meal in germany. It tastet good.

The only BMW on the trip, Buzz found it a bit top heavy


Soon at the top of Gross Glockner, 3798 m above sea


At the top


Great view


The road


A Biker place to have lunch


And it tasted good


Eagles Nest


Eagles Nest




The tunel in to the Nest

Careful Buzz


Venice, we took a train that stoped just outside town, so there were no parking problems.


Were are we Larry?


Italian PIZZA



Two happy campers


A small taste


A big taste of the Hotel's beer.


At the top of  PASSO S BOLDO


The construction of PASSO S BOLDO


Years ago


A small cup of coffe.


A common toilet in Italy


An old Italian listning post from the cold war


Over the clouds at the listning station, it is + - 9000 feet high


Waiting fore


ICE, the ice in Italy tasted really good.


Is Larry going for a swim in Lake Garda


Buzz eate the whole plate with fich.


The leaning Tower in Pica


One of Larrys hobbies


Buzz eate seafood if it was on the menue.


What happend with my plate of spagetti?


Buzz  is showing Odd one of his "many" great photos


Let me see now, what do I eat first here, it looks like rabbit food.


Happy faces


where is the next restaurant we can go to?


Normandie and one of the landing zones


WW II veterans having a good time at the hotel





WW II Veteran


WW II veteran and Larry


WW II Veterans


WW II vteran and Buzz.


Marge and one of the WW II Veterans.


Name of those that still are MIA.


Larry took a photo of all the names.


Looking at one of the US landing Zones.




Some words to keep in your mind


The US memorial sementary at Normandie



Larry and his new hat


Larry is worn out after 3 weeks on the road, here he is sleeping on the ferry on the way to Norway.