Entering Masada


A bronze casting of Masada

The way up




The Japanese was all over the place

We are going up




A great view comes with the ride. You can see the roman camps down there


A water storage


They stored millions of liter of water in 12 caves


Some of the water collection system













Some of the original decorations 



This is what it was like when they found it


Quite a view from the top





A sauna









One can also walk up as he does but it takes a few hrs


Birre our guide, he greew up in Sweeden and moved to Israel in 73


The hill that the Romans build to get in to Masada






This hole was used to wash their feet
















This is the undercarriage to the ram that they used making the movie about Masada


They found the remains of a few bodies in this hill


Catapult stones